I am love without beginning and end.

The OMEGA symbols of the awakening heart are an assistance to manifest our dreams of a new world.

These symbols are a supplement to the childlike ANIMA and the female MARIMA symbols, round off, because only in reconciliation and in the solidarity between “childlike - female - male” there is a harmony.

We want to point out that the symbols are intended as a help to self-help and that they cannot substitute an expert diagnosis and the care of a doctor or psychotherapist.
If you use the ANIMA symbols, then you yourself are fully responsible for it.
The authors do not take any liability for any direct of indirect consequences of the usage of the symbols or texts of this homepage.
On this homepage I displayed links to other pages in the internet. I distance myself explicitly from the contents of every page I linked to outside my own pages. This explanation is valid for all of my displayed links on my homepage and for all of the contents of the pages, where to the banners and links that are displayed on my page lead.